My Current Skincare Routine

I finally started caring about skincare right around my eighteenth birthday. (I’m finally an adult!) After a few months of trial and error, I finally found a routine that I like.

Side note: Before I get started I want to let you know that I have sensitive, very dry, & acne prone skin that scars easy too. Also note that all of the products I use are super affordable and work fabulously – promise.

  1. I always wash my face at night, so I first start out with a makeup wipe. I use this kind – its the Walmart brand but its cheap,comes in a bigger pack, and they do the job. PRICE: $3.48Image result for walmart makeup wipes
  2. My next step is cleanser. I use this one because it gets any remaining makeup off super easy and quick. A little goes a long way with this stuff and it has cleaned my pores so nicely!                                                                                                                                          PRICE: $5.99
    Image result for biore pore cleanser
  3. Step three is my second cleanser – lol I know, right? But I do love this stuff, it clears all my break outs and it smells good too!                                                                                         PRICE: $6.29Image result for grapefruit acne cleanser
  4. Next, I use this AMAZING toner from L’Oréal. This stuff works wonders by softening, brightening, cleaning, and gently exfoliating. I use a cotton pad and dab on a bit of this product once and its plenty! Not to mention, its alcohol-free which means it won’t and does not dry out my skin!                                                                                            PRICE: $5.49
  5. I usually let my toner sink into my skin for a few minutes, so at this point I check my Twitter or Instagram and then move onto the next step: My favorite – Exfoliating. As I mentioned before, I have very dry skin and exfoliating really get all of the flaky, dead skin off and leaves my skin feeling extra smooth. Also note that a little goes a looong way with this stuff!                                                                                                      PRICE: $8.51Image result for clearasil ultra rapid action scrub
  6. In, my opinion, this next product is the most effective and I only use it every other night. I use generous amounts of this mask and leave it on for the full twenty minutes. (Sometimes longer because I get too comfortable in my chair…haha)               PRICE: $8.73Image result for Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Acne Treatment Face Wash and Mask
  7. Finally we have reached the end! My final step is washing of this mask and moisturizing! I bought this jar of moisturizer more than a year ago and I have barely made a dent and I use it twice a day! This stuff works wonders for dry skin!                       PRICE: $10.66Image result for cetaphil moisturizing creamAnd thats all, folks! I swear by this routine. After having troubled skin for quite some time and being a lover of lots and lots of makeup, this routine is awesome and super affordable! If you try some of these products out, I’d love to know about it so tweet me or DM me and let me know how you like them!


My Current Skincare Routine

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